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Complete Payroll In A Snap
No more chasing down time cards from employees, adding up hours worked, or calculating OT and Stat Pay. Tikker does it for you.
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Works Offline
Tikker works offline and will automatically sync employee's time cards when they re-enter network coverage.
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Kiosk Or On Mobile Device
Tikker can be utilized in a kiosk setup like a traditional time clock, or can be installed on employee's devices for ease of use.

Software designed to save your business money.

Automated reporting to save time and keep you informed on your business operations and costs.

No more tracking down paper time cards.

Tikker allows you to effortlessly search time cards by date and employee and presents them to you in an easy to read format with the daily and weekly OT totals automatically calculated.


Process payroll with ease

Payroll reports can be generated per employee or all employees at once and will print out in an easy to read format that can be entered into your accounting or payroll software.

Time cards can also be emailed to your staff directly from Tikker.


See how many hours your employees have worked in live time.

Tikker will provide reports on all employees hours worked over a given time frame in real time, so you always have an understanding of your operations and payroll expenses.

Average payroll cost saving per year
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Less work, more flow.

Tikker will auto-generate payroll reports and other analytics to monitor how many hours your employees are getting.
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Payroll Reports
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Automatic OT Calculations
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Automatic Stat Pay Calculations
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Email Time Cards
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Written to Alberta Employment Standards

Pricing that scales with your business

Wether you own a small business of 1 or 2 employees or a medium sized business with 100 employees, you only pay for what you need with Tikker.
$ 5
Per user, per month
+ $50 per month base fee
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    Mobile or kiosk apps
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    Automated Payroll Reports
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    Automated OT and stat pay calculations
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    Email time cards to employees
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    1GB of cloud storage
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    Dedicated phone and email support
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